Tenant Eviction Process in Kirkland – What to Do When Your Tenant Stops Paying Rent

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The eviction process is an unfortunate circumstance, but sometimes the reality of owning a rental property. Documentation is the key to this process, and it includes your application, lease, and ledgers. There are specific steps you need to take if your tenant stopped paying rent.

Tenant Eviction: Three Day Notice

It’s important to know what type of Three Day Notice to Pay or Vacate needs to be served on your tenant. If you have a subsidized tenant, specific HUD language needs to be included in that notice. From there, your declaration of service needs to document how and when you handed the notice to the tenant or how and when you mailed it.

Tenant Eviction: Court Filing

After the three day notice period expires, send all the information you have to your attorney, who will file the eviction and serve the summons to your tenant. Wait to see if your tenant replies. If they contest the eviction, you’ll have a court date set, and you’ll need to appear in court with your attorney.

If you win the court case, the tenant will be given a certain amount of time before the sheriff schedules a physical eviction.

Tenant Eviction: Gaining Possession

Having enough people on site to remove the contents of the home during a physical eviction is important because if you don’t remove the contents, they must be stored, and you will have to inform the tenant of where the belongings are being stored, and what the daily rate is for that storage.

exitOne advantage to working with us at Lakeshore Corporation is that we handle this eviction process for you, and you don’t have to worry about the details.

If you have any questions about evicting a tenant or anything pertaining to Kirkland property management, please contact us at Lakeshore Corporation.


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